Area of focus

Clinical research

Conducting original research using FINGER-inspired multidomain designs, working to investigate the effects of lifestyle and drug interventions on cognitive decline and dementia

FINGERS Brain Health Institute’s (FBHI) novel research, based upon the original FINGER study, utilizes a multidomain approach to discover holistic solutions to dementia and cognitive decline.


An innovative, multicenter clinical trial across Finland, Sweden, and the UK, combining pharmaceutical and lifestyle interventions for dementia prevention

The MET-FINGER-APOE study is an international, randomized clinical trial, based on the ground-breaking work of the FINGER study, with the aim of reducing cognitive decline and preventing dementia. For the first time the FINGER prevention model, which focuses on modifiable lifestyle and vascular risk factors, will be tested in association with metformin in older adults with increased risk of dementia. Metformin is an approved drug that is used to treat diabetes. Metformin may help prevent dementia and cognitive decline by controlling diabetes, a well-known risk factor for dementia. Based over three sites in Sweden, Finland, and the UK, the trial is expected to begin in early 2023 and consist of 600 participants. If this intervention proves effective, MET-FINGER-APOE could set the stage for the development of clinical trials combining both lifestyle intervention and medications world-wide.

Main Collaborators

Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare and Imperial College London


Alzheimer´s Drug Discovery Foundation, Part the Cloud – Gates Partnership Grant Program at Alzheimer´s Association, Alzheimerfonden, and the Office of ALF of the Swedish Research Council.


A randomized clinical trial investigating the effects of a high fat-low carbohydrate diet on cognition and healthy brain aging

FBHI is the sponsor of a randomized clinical trial, COGNIFOOD, which looks into the effects of nutrition on cognitive decline and brain health, specifically in relation to the fat/carbohydrate ratio in diet. This study is anticipated to begin in 2023 at the Karolinska University Hospital and is financed by the af Jochnick Foundation.

Good nutrition is highly important, and a number of specific diets have shown positive effects in relation to cognition and healthy aging. COGNIFOOD will compare diets with varying ratios of fat to carbohydrates to ascertain the effects on cognition and brain health. How well the participants, particularly those with subjective cognitive impairment or decline, can adhere to the dietary regime while under lower levels of supervision will also be monitored to establish its efficacy outside of a clinical setting.

Main Collaborators

Karolinska University Hospital


af Jochnick Foundation

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