Area of focus

Rapid research implementation

Undertaking implementation projects across multiple countries, based on the FINGER multidomain model, to inform and support healthy brain aging in a practical and personalized manner

FINGERS Brain Health Institute (FBHI) is focused on bringing real-world results to the fight against cognitive decline and dementia by translating research results into value for the general population.

Sompo’s Smile Program for Brain & Physical Health

A multidomain lifestyle service for dementia prevention for older adults living in Sompo care facilities in Japan

In collaboration with Sompo Holdings Inc and The National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan, the FBHI has developed an official program of dementia prevention, based upon the FINGER lifestyle intervention, and tailored to the culture-specific characteristics of the Japanese population.

A trial service will be provided at Sompo Care nursing homes, with an aim to expand into local communities throughout Japan.

The program consists of four main pillars, including physical exercise, nutritional advice, cognitive training, and social participation. These activities will be led by trained professionals with the aim of encouraging healthy lifestyle-related behaviors to slow cognitive decline and prevent future dementia.

This implementation of the FINGER multidomain model will not only show that lifestyle interventions can be successfully translated to real-world settings, but also that, with tailoring, this intervention is internationally viable.

Main Collaborators

Sompo Holdings Inc and The National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology in Japan


Sompo Holdings Inc

Be Brain PowerfulTM 30-day challenge

A public health campaign advocating evidence-based measures for dementia risk reduction in Sweden

FBHI supported the launch of the Be Brain Powerful™ 30-Day Challenge in Sweden during 2019, providing scientific advice for the content development of the campaign for both English- and Swedish-speaking audiences. The campaign originated in the US and was started by UsAgainstAlzheimer’s and WomenAgainstAlzheimer’s to highlight Alzheimer’s disease with a particular focus on women’s brain health.

In line with the aim of the Be Brain Powerful™ 30-Day Challenge campaign to advocate preventative measures to reduce the risk of developing cognitive decline, FBHI conducted in-depth assessment of the content, following international recommendations for dementia risk reduction, to deliver evidence-based and accurate information adapted to the Swedish culture.



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