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WW-FINGERS Global Scientific Coordinating Center

Advancing the collaboration, harmonization, and optimization of clinical trials for risk reduction and dementia prevention in over 40 countries, via the WW-FINGERS Global Scientific Coordinating Center

FINGERS Brain Health Institute (FBHI) is home of the WW-FINGERS Global Scientific Coordinating Center, a major part of the World-Wide FINGERS network, working with research groups to support scientific activities for dementia prevention.

Network scientific coordination, harmonization, and optimization

The WW-FINGERS Global Scientific Coordinating Center supports World-Wide FINGERS’ global scientific activities, including network coordination, clinical trial optimization, and joint analysis of data

The WW-FINGERS Global Scientific Coordinating Center at the FBHI provides scientific guidance and grant proposal support to countries aiming to join the network, with special efforts to involve low- and middle-income countries. The Scientific Helpdesk also coordinates between existing network members, currently over 40 countries, to ensure the harmonization and optimization of all clinical trials.

This includes aiding the development of the World-Wide FINGERS Harmonization Guidelines, which ensures that country-specific multidomain trials are harmonized with the core features of the FINGER study, while allowing for local adaptations and innovative design elements.

FBHI is also collaborating in the development of common data elements and infrastructure to support network-wide commitment to data sharing. Harmonization and data sharing infrastructure are essential for World-Wide FINGERS to enable joint analyses and comparisons across studies and will generate robust evidence for dementia prevention strategies.

Main Collaborators

Word-Wide FINGERS members and partners.


National Philanthropic Trust and Alzheimer´s Disease Data Initiative.


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