A fast-growing institution of multidisciplinary experts in dementia prevention and healthy brain aging, FBHI is looking to expand further.

There are opportunities for specialists to help guide the work at FHBI, including conducting our own R&D, managing project resources, developing new ideas for expansion, and communicating research between academic institutions, industry, and the general public. We also need experts in IT and data infrastructure to manage digital aspects of our projects.

FBHI is based in Stockholm, Sweden. We are looking for staff currently living in Sweden or surrounding countries. Our team encourages proactive and independent workers, capable of taking initiative, while also being strong communicators, able to collaborate effectively. 

We appreciate individuals who value diversity and flexibility, and can work in a multidisciplinary environment, with an interest in healthy aging and dementia prevention. Thus, we encourage applicants from a range of backgrounds to help us maintain a wide skillset. Willingness to travel is appreciated, as it may be expected for certain positions.

A new and dynamic institution

FBHI is a new and independent non-profit research institute, which allows our team a real opportunity to influence the direction of future research and further development of the institute.

Work with world-renowned experts

Professor Miia Kivipelto’s ground-breaking research is the foundation of FBHI’s efforts. Working at FBHI gives team members an exciting possibility to work and collaborate with leading experts.

Multidisciplinary and international

Our work is focused on combining knowledge and expertise from multiple fields and backgrounds, allowing for a collaborative and solutions-oriented approach on an international scale.

Health promotion and gym allowance

FBHI believes in practicing the methods we promote. As physical exercise is an important part of healthy brain aging, we offer all staff an allowance to subsidise the cost of health-positive activities.

Open positions