The healthcare cost in Sweden for patients with dementia exceeds the total costs for patients with cancer, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. In Sweden the annual cost for all forms of dementia is 63 billion SEK (~7 billion USD), more than the entire Swedish military defense organization. Unless something radical is done, chances are that this amount will double within a 10-year period. Alzheimer´s disease is currently the only uncurable disease on the global top 10 list of causes of death. Despite this, dementia research in Sweden only gets around five per cent of the amount that research on cancer receives. More than 200 failed global clinical pharmaceutical trials give little short-term hope to find an effective drug and therefore novel approaches are needed to allow maintenance of good brain health, such as different preventive methods.

FINGERS Brain Health Institute is a nonprofit foundation without any commercial sources of income. The financing of the Institute´s research is totally dependent on external donations. We hope to secure the necessary financing through donations from individuals, foundations and industry in close collaboration with Vator Securities in Stockholm, Sweden (, who is the Institute´s strategic advisor for relevant issues. Vator Securities is working with the Institute on a pro bono basis.

To reach Vator Securities regarding donations, please contact:
Homan Panahi, founder and CEO, +46-76-398 96 66.

For additional possibilities to support the research activities at the Institute, please contact:
Miia Kivipelto: +46-8-122 899 00, or Maris Hartmanis: +46-8-122 899 00.

More on financing
FINGERS Brain Health Institute seeks to raise enough capital during 2019 to both initiate and secure its long-term clinical research activities. We believe that most of the capital will be donated by individuals, other foundations and corporations, mainly in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic countries.

Funding is needed to cover the costs for establishing the Institute and its infrastructure, recruitment of key personnel, development of the web-based research platform for brain health to initiate the recruitment for clinical trials, characterization of the subjects for the clinical trials in terms of pheno- and genotyping, development of novel methods for rapid cognitive assessment, initiation of the first multimodal clinical intervention trials and initiation of the first collaborations on biomarkers and new technologies.

If enough funding is secured to sustain longer term clinical research activities, we will also be able to:

  • Buy advanced scientific equipment, such as a 3 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system. This instrument is crucial for high definition brain scanning and costs approximately 30 million SEK (~3.3 million USD). The Institute will also need automated analysis equipment for biomarker research and profiling of subjects for clinical trials.
  • Include up to 350 subjects in clinical trials within the first couple of years.
  • Run innovative local and international collaborative projects utilizing “Big Data”, novel technologies and artificial intelligence (AI), which are crucial for a rapid development of the brain health area.

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