Professor Miia Kivipelto is awarded the 2020 Ryman Prize by the Prime Minister of New Zealand 2020-12-04

A team with Professor Miia Kivipelto as co-Principal Investigator present new results from a nutrition-based intervention showing broad and positive effects for patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease 2020-11-09

World-Wide FINGERS: Professor Kivipelto is leading the first global initiative for prevention of dementia and Alzheimer´s disease 2020-07-06

The development of “SOMPO Smile Program for Brain & Physical Health”  2020-07-20

The WHO is releasing, for the first time, Guidelines on risk reduction of cognitive decline and dementia 2019-05-15

Pressrelease: New research institute for brain health is established in Sweden 2019-02-18

Other news

Professor Miia Kivipelto received the Arthur C. Cherkin´s Award on September 14 in Los Angeles, USA, in connection with UCLA´s Intensive Course in Geriatric Medicine. The award was given to her and her research team for their groundbreaking international research on risks and protective factors, new explanatory models and preventive measures in relation to cognitive failure and dementia. The FINGER intervention study and the initiation of the World Wide FINGERS network were highlighted. During the same trip to the US she also gave a lecture on WW-FINGERS at the United Nations headquarters in New York. More than 25 countries globally are already part of this important initiative.

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