The FINGERS Brain Health Institute team is expanding in 2021

In March 2021 Nicola Payton and Katie Palmer joined the team at the FINGERS Brain Health Institute.

Katie Palmer, PhD, is an Epidemiologist with extensive experience in dementia and cognitive impairment research, particularly identifying individuals in the pre-clinical stages of cognitive disorders. In response to the growing concern that individuals with dementia, cognitive impairment, and other noncommunicable diseases have been de-prioritized during the COVID-19 pandemic, her work in the past year has focused on how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected such individuals, particularly the effects of social distancing and the postponement of ongoing dementia prevention trials. At the FINGERS Brain Health Institute she will be a key member of the World-Wide FINGERS Scientific Helpdesk to provide trial design and statistical support to members of the World-Wide FINGERS network.

“It is an exciting opportunity to join the World-Wide FINGERS network and the FINGERS Brain Health Institute” says Dr Palmer “In my first months on the job I have been impressed by the commitment of our research collaborators in the World-Wide FINGERS network. The COVID-19 pandemic has created major barriers to ongoing dementia prevention trials and our network is dedicated to find solutions to ensure that people at risk of cognitive impairment are not forgotten during this global emergency. We need a long-term perspective to address both communicable and noncommuniable diseases and our team brings together experts from all over the world to address this challenge together.”

Nicola Payton, PhD, is a psychologist with a focus on preclinical dementia and identification of those at risk of future dementia. Her interests have developed from early prediction modelling to researching ways to slow or prevent cognitive decline in later life. At the FINGERS Brain Health Institute she will focus on scientific communication and work as part of the World-Wide FINGERS Scientific Helpdesk to aid in their scientific endeavours. 

“Working with the FBHI provides a rare opportunity to support global research into healthy brain aging and dementia prevention. FBHI’s holistic approach is exactly what is needed to tackle the complex and multi-faceted problems associated with an aging population and I’m excited to be a part of this endeavour.”

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