World Wide FINGERS

The FINGER-study has very rapidly received wide international recognition and distribution. Today, just four years after the original FINGER-study was published, more than 15 countries have initiated or are planning to initiate clinical FINGER-studies, such as Singapore, USA, China, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and India.

Professor Miia Kivipelto, who has close collaborations with many leading research groups globally, has created and is leading the large global clinical effort called World Wide Fingers ( It constitutes a unique cross functional network which builds upon Miia Kivipeltos original and internationally recognized FINGER-study. The network she created is focused on sharing experiences, harmonization of data from the different FINGER-studies and planning and strengthening of common international initiatives for the prevention of cognitive impairment and dementia.

The most important goal for World Wide Fingers is to produce clinical results to define efficient preventive intervention methods for different risk groups. World Wide Fingers will facilitate a synergistic utilization of data from several countries, which creates a unique possibility for rapid dissemination of information and a fast translation into patient value.

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