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Board of


Miia Kivipelto

MD, PhD, Professor of Clinical Geriatrics at Karolinska Institutet and Imperial College London; Founder of the World-Wide FINGERS Network; Scientific Founder and Medical and Scientific Director at FINGERS Brain Health Institute

Maris Hartmanis

PhD, Professor of Biochemistry; Scientific Founder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of FINGERS Brain Health Institute; affiliated to Karolinska Institutet

Liselotte Jansson

Secretary General of the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation; Chairman of the Board of the Center for Molecular Medicine at Karolinska Institutet



Vilma Alanko

PhD Candidate, Research Assistant

Mariagnese Barbera

PhD, Scientific Coordinator

Sigrid Eklöf


Jenni Lehtisalo

PhD, Scientific Coordinator

Celeste Loots

PhD, Senior Neuropsychologist

Ana Sabsil López Rocha

MD, Scientific and REDCap Coordinator, WW-FINGERS-SARS-CoV-2 project

Francesca Mangialasche

MD, PhD, Executive Director of the World-Wide FINGERS Global Scientific Coordinating Center

Anna Matton

PhD, Assistant Professor,
Fluid Biomarker Specialist
Also publishes as Anna Sandebring-Matton

James McKeand

Database Manager

Tiia Ngandu

MD, PhD, Scientific Coordinator

Annika Norell Benson

Communications and PR Specialist

Paola Padilla

MD, MMSc Public Health, Research Coordinator

Markku Peltonen

PhD, Professor, Senior Statistician

Dinithi Perera

LLM, Project and Operations Manager

Alina Solomon

MD, PhD, Scientific Coordinator

Ruth Stephen

PhD, Neuroimaging Specialist and Coordinator

Chi Udeh-Momoh

PhD, Fluid Biomarker Specialist and
Africa-FINGERS Project Lead