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A global network

of research teams

To expand on the results of the FINGER study, in 2017, Professor Miia Kivipelto initiated World-Wide FINGERS, the first global network of multidomain intervention trials for risk reduction and prevention of cognitive decline and dementia. 

The objectives of the network are to adapt, test, and further develop the FINGER model in different geographical, cultural, and economic settings. This includes joint analyses and harmonization of data and methods across studies to generate robust evidence that feeds into dementia prevention strategies globally.  

The World-Wide FINGERS network now includes research teams in 62 countries (Jan. 2024), including several low and middle income countries. 

Professor Miia Kivipelto is the scientific leader of the network, which is co-administered by the Alzheimer’s Association. 

FBHI functions as a hub for the network. We provide scientific support to network members, as well as to teams who are looking to run a FINGER-based trial and join the network.

Read about membership and how FBHI can help