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One of FBHI’s core priorities is to drive and support the implementation of FINGER research findings into real-world settings, for the benefit of individuals and societies. 

We run educational activities about the FINGER model, and support the initiation and execution of municipal FINGER-inspired lifestyle programs, to help municipalities provide health-promoting services to their citizens.

Since FINGER-based programs can help improve the well-being of individuals and delay the onset of cognitive impairment, they may also provide positive health economy effects, enabling caregivers to use their healthcare resources where they are best needed. 

Support to municipal programs

It is FBHI’s ambition to increase our capabilities to support implementation efforts, initially in Sweden and Finland, but long-term also in other regions world-wide. We are currently developing plans and processes to be able to provide solid support for such programs.

The ongoing program Träna hjärna (Train your Brain) in the Lidingö municipality in Greater Stockholm forms a very valuable base for our further development of implementation support. Träna hjärna is a collaboration between the Lidingö municipality, Karolinska Institutet, and FBHI. It is not only a lifestyle program offered to Lidingö citizens, but also a research project that investigates and evaluates the efficiency and processes of FINGER implementation. 

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