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FINGER-Pro program receives governmental grant

By September 7, 2023Funding, Research1 min read

The Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare, FORTE, has awarded a 23.9 million SEK grant to the 6-year program FINGER-Pro.

Conducted by a consortium of research institutions and hospitals, and led by Karolinska Institutet, the FINGER-Pro program will generate new knowledge on tailored lifestyle intervention approaches to support longer and healthier lives in different settings and sociocultural contexts.

The findings will be critical for the development of policies concerning healthy aging and equal healthcare.

By adapting and implementing the FINGER model for dementia prevention in different environments in Sweden, the teams will study the needs to further refine the FINGER model and investigate if it can contribute to additional parameters central for healthy aging across diverse populations.

This governmental grant is part of Forte’s strong commitment to support public health promotion, prevention and equality.

FINGER-Pro: Evidence-based health promotion interventions for healthy aging: adapting and implementing the FINGER multidomain model across different settings and sociocultural contexts.