A federated system for

data harmonization

FBHI have received funds from National Philanthropic Trust/Alzheimer’s Disease Data Initiative (ADDI) in the US to work on technical solutions for the establishment of an interoperable architecture for data harmonization, data sharing, joint data analyses, and facilitation of global collaborations.

Together with ADDI we work on testing and utilizing a federated database system, to connect multiple autonomous, decentralized databases. This enables sharing and joint analysis without the transfer of underlying individual level data. Currently being tested for future use within the World-Wide FINGERS network, the underlying system can facilitate collaboration between multicenter research initiatives where there is an urgent need for such technology.

Here we will utilize ADDI’s AD Workbench, a data platform infrastructure allowing researchers around the world to share data, resources, and tools. Within this project we also collaborate with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) in Sweden, who provide an IT platform for our efforts.

An international data sharing platform will be helpful in FINGER research.

Main collaborators

Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation
The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare


National Philantropic Trust
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation