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Great interest for FINGER among Swedish municipalities

By september 27, 2023januari 11th, 2024Events, Implementation1 min read

240 persons, representing 25% of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, had registered to attend our online seminar on 26 September, where we presented FINGER research and implementation together with Karolinska Institutet, Svenskt Demenscentrum and Lidingö Stad.

Our warmest thanks to all participants for your interest and attendance!

The seminar was a kick-off for the FINGER network that we are now establishing in Sweden, providing a national forum for municipalities, caregivers, decision makers, and researchers to connect and share experiences and knowledge in the field of lifestyle-oriented prevention of cognitive decline.

The Monday seminar included information about the FINGER study and the FINGER model, implementation strategies and processes, new tools to support FINGER-based activities, and an overview of Lidingö stad municipality’s lifestyle program Träna hjärna (Train your Brain).

We look forward to continuing this work and are happy for the new arena to connect with so many organizations who are genuinely interested in offering FINGER-inspired activities in their regions.