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Out now: World Alzheimer’s Report 2022

By september 24, 2022januari 11th, 2024Research1 min read

The World Alzheimer’s Report 2022: ‘Life After diagnosis: Navigating treatment, care and support’, has been published by Alzheimer’s Disease International.

The report contains 119 essays across 24 chapters covering a broad range of topics on life following a dementia diagnosis. Prof Miia Kivipelto, Medical Director of the FINGERS Brain Health Institute, was joined by Dr Francesca Mangialasche (Scientific Coordinator, FBHI), and Dr Nicola Payton, in contributing to the report, authoring the essay “Strategies for risk reduction and prevention of late-life Alzheimer’s disease and dementia based on multidomain approaches”. The essay can be found in Chapter 23 of the report. FBHI is an official partner of ADI, within the World-Wide FINGERS Network, and the collaboration aims to foster synergy in global activities for dementia prevention.

The full report is available on